Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Putting Down Roots Wine Pairing: Halter Ranch's Vin de Paille & El Pecado

After I was introduced to Halter Ranch Vineyard during October's #winePW when I posted a food-wine pairing of Pumpkin Lasagna + Halter Ranch's Côtes de Paso, I've been a fan. I was determined to pour one of their wines for Thanksgiving. But I couldn't decide between their Vin de Paille and El Pecado. So, I decided: two dessert wines means two desserts! I knew my sugar pigs would enjoy that.  

Vin de Paille means “Straw Wine” in French. This could be a dessert on its own with its honey vicosity and aromas of sweet florals and ripe stone fruits. Halter Ranch suggests that Vin de Paille pairs well with caramel macaroons, peach crumble and vanilla ice cream. I served it with a Spiced Parsnip Cake. It was a hit!

The second Halter Ranch I poured was their El Pecado, a Port-style dessert wine. This intense dessert wine whose name translates to “The Sin” in Spanish is sinfully good. Made from late-harvest estate Syrah grapes, El Pecado is intensely sumptuous - sweet and spicy. Halter Ranch suggests serving it with chocolate desserts, walnuts, and blue-veined cheese like Stilton and Cambozola.

Though I would normally have gone with the veined cheese option myself, I served the El Pecado with a Bittersweet Cremeux with Buddha’s Hand Crème Anglaise. Another hit!

As we battled over the leftover wine, I just decided to drop the fight, leave the bottles, and order more for myself!

Have you tried any Halter Ranch wines? 
Which is your favorite??

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