Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No Urchin Anywhere

D had planned to serve a sea urchin soup for his birthday dinner. Here's the original recipe for his Spiced Coconut-Sea Urchin Soup. Our usual go-to for urchin told us that their order comes in on Thursday and it wouldn't be good on Tuesday. But Ms. Shiho went out of her way to check with some fisherman friends of hers. No luck.

I called a fish place on the commercial wharf that sometimes has it. No luck.

So, our last resort was Monterey Abalone. I thought: we'll just clean two fresh ones and change the menu to "sea urchin-flecked soup."

But those hopes were dashed, too, when they told us that there wouldn't have any available to January.

D was so, so sad and very disappointed. But, always my sunny boy, he concluded, "it's okay, Mom, we just have to change the menu for tonight, but I'll make urchin soup for my friends in January."

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