Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fall Break Dates: Mundaka Tasting Notes

Our last kid-free evening meant one last Fall Break date night. We headed to Mundaka for some tasty tapas. Jake opted for a clara - half beer and half lemonade. I love that you can order wine by the glass - red or white. And if you don't need to see the label on the bottle, you can save two dollars per glass. Salud! 

We started with a slice of torta, a thick Spanish omelette made with potatoes. The large flecks of sea salt added a sort of confetti surprise in each bite. 

This was a new salad on the menu. I have to admit, it looks like an incongruous mess. Sliced tomatoes, shards of onions, a mass of arugula, and deep fried peppercorns are topped with a mound of smoked salmon and a hard-boiled egg salad. Yes it looked as chaotic as that sounds. But it was oddly delicious. All of the flavors meshed to create a really satisfying dish. It worked well.

I have had a lot of caprese-style salads. A lot. Tomatoes plus mozzarella plus basil is a combination that tops my list. But I have never had one served warm. Never. It was very unique. The creamy burrata and warmed tomatoes made for a happy marriage of delicate flavors. Again, the plate was a little bit messy, but it was tasty.

Next up: hamburguesa. We never pass up the chance to have these delicious lamb sliders with pickled cauliflower and a side of truffle shoetrings. It's a favorite. And it was as good as I remember.

Lest you think that date night are all about the, date nights are about the food and the wine. But, moreso, they are about sitting across the table from my Love, talking, laughing, sharing, and remembering how much we like each other. I love this man.

Unlike our date night at Restaurant 1833 when we skipped dessert altogether, we could not decide on a dessert - so we ordered three. Yep. That happened.

We ordered Lemon Verbena Flan. It reminded me of our 10-day search for the best flan in Cabo...only to find it at our hotel. This one was delectable and the lemon verbena shined.

We also ordered the bread pudding that was fresh out of the oven and not on the menu. Our waiter, Iago, suggested it and we jumped. It was warm and smelled of Autumn. Apples, cinnamon, and rum Lots of rum. Our third dessert was the Pan Chocolate. Think of a mound of chocolate halfway between a flourless chocolate cake and a chocolate mousse. It's served with crisped bread and a drizzle of olive oil.

It was a lovely evening! The boys are home tomorrow night. Away go the spiked heels - you can't chase kids in those - and it's back to practical shoes and family fun. I've missed those monkeys, but I have relished these Fall Break dates with Jake.

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