Monday, October 6, 2014

Fall Break Dates: Restaurant 1833 Tasting Notes

With our boys out of town with my parents, Jake and I are taking full advantage of our kid-free evenings; we have planned multiple date nights. First up - we decided to use the gift certificate that friends gave us. Thanks, Gonzalez Family. You know what we like! So, Fall Break Date Night v.1 found us at Restaurant 1833. A couple of years ago I was assigned an article on Restaurant 1833 for Edible Monterey Bay. [Click to read: Adventuring Back to 1833.]

We settled onto a large, cushioned double chaise and ordered...

Bacon-Cheddar Biscuits
These are amazing. Truly. They are so amazing that we skipped dessert and ordered another plate of biscuits. Yes, that happened. The biscuits have a tender crumb, a nice bite, and are generously flecked with pieces of bacon. They are served with a maple-chili butter that boasts the perfect blend of sweet and heat.

Deviled Eggs
Okay, they are just eggs. Nothing spectacular. But they were tasty.

Heirloom Tomato Salad
I don't remember what this dish was actually called, but it was a fantastic combination of textures and flavors - heirloom tomatoes, summer peaches, creamy burrata, and basil leaves in an herb-heavy vinaigrette. Delicious! It took everything in me not to lick the bowl.

Our entree: Monterey Lingcod
Again with the textures - soft potatoes floated in a creamy sauce with crisp corn kernels and silky leeks. And the lingcod was moist and flaky with crisped edges. Well done. 

We skipped the wine and opted for two beers instead. Our waitress brought me a Old Rasputin Imperial Stout by North Coast Brewing because they were sold out of the the Abbaye de Leffe I had ordered. Old Rasputin was intense, complex, and very rich. It was the perfect autumn sip. Jake drank a German wheat beer. Cheers!

Stellar food and the love of my life. What a great date!

When we got home, we called the monkeys. They raved about their 'first class hotel', gushing about the three rooms, three sinks, two bathrooms, three couches, and balcony. "Mommy," D reported, "the bathroom has a phone! And the kitchen has all of the same tools that we have in our kitchen. Oh, and we have a TV in our room that has a king-sized bed."

They are never going to want to come home.

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