Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recipe Round-Up for the WE Cooperative CSA {9 April 2013}

This week I wrote about eating a rainbow and offered these three recipes as an inspiration to the WE Cooperative CSA members. Our Fogline Farm box has all sorts of color this week! Click the titles for the recipes.

Blueberry Lemonade = BLUE + YELLOW

Malfatti di Ricotta e Bietola ('badly formed' dumplings with ricotta and chard) = GREEN + YELLOW


  1. This post is such a clever idea. I have been looking into joining a CSA, but not knowing if I will be able to use all the vegetables has had me dragging my feet. I think the dumplings look delicious!

  2. @LeAndra, many farms offer bi-weekly shares, or even once a month shares, so that if you can't get through the box in a week, you're not getting innundated. Also, some farms offer a small and a large box. So, check out your options!


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