Thursday, April 11, 2013

Grass-Fed (NOT Grass-Finished) Burgers

This past weekend I took the boys up to Half Moon Bay for a preview of the new venture that Kevin Koebel - of Local FATT fame - is opening this month. Click here to read my piece on Ground Up Burgers for Edible Monterey Bay; it went live on their blog this week.

We tasted no less than 5 different kinds of burgers - burgers with kimchee, burgers with dandelion greens, burgers with candied Meyer lemon, burgers with house-cured bacon. SO delicious!

On the way up there, we talked about the difference between grass-fed, grass-finished, and corn-fed cattle. I explained that corn is not a healthy diet for cows' intestines. I didn't realize that Dylan was paying attention as well as he did. And while we were there, he ate but spent most of the time coloring their logo in the kids' section. But somehow, he absorbed the information.

Here is food awareness in action...I had a meeting at the school last night. So, Jake took them to grab burgers at a local joint after Riley's mandolin lesson. I was oddly proud and slightly mortified all at the same time by this story.

Ground Up Burger's WILBUR - with house-cured bacon and melted cheddar

When my husband took the boys to pick up burgers last night, my 9-year-old stepped up to the counter and asked, "Is this grass-fed beef? Not grass-finished, but grass fed?!? Because my mom says that corn isn't really good for cows."

I should add, however, that their answer - of corn-fed - didn't stop him from chowing down, happily, on his burger! He just wanted to harass the staff, apparently. But at least he understands what kind of burger he should be eating.


  1. That is so cool you contribute to "Edible." Anytime we travel to a new city, that is the first thing I seek out if they have one. Love the story. We should all be asking that question!

  2. @Debra, yes! It's a great publication and teeming with local tips.


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