Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Buddha's Hand-Scented Salt and Sugar

This probably doesn't even count as a recipe. It's that easy. But since scented salts and sugars are great to add amazing flavor to dishes, I wanted to share.

I use scented salt as a finisher. It doesn't look any different than regular salt, but it adds a delicious flavor that's distinct.

Scented sugar adds a delicate perfume to coffee, tea, and baked goods.  

  • 1 whole finger of Buddha's Hand citron that fits in your jar
  • 1 T sliced Buddha's Hand
  • organic granulated sugar - or - sea salt

Place the whole finger in your jar and fill it halfway with salt or sugar. Layer in the sliced Buddha's Hand pieces and cover with more of the salt or sugar. Let sit for a few days, gently shaking the jar every day. That's it!

You can also do this with rose petals, clementine peels, or vanilla beans. 

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