Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Classroom Treat Logic Games

Though we already did a 9th birthday celebration with a cake (Inky Chocolate Cake), the kid has to bring treats to school on his birthday.

Do you remember my Valentine treat quandry?!? Well, I'm playing the same logic game with Riley's birthday treats for his classmates...

If I make the carrot cakes with chestnut flour, then Sophia can't have one.
If I make the carrot cakes with wheat flour, then Danya can't have one.
If I make top the carrot cakes with cream cheese frosting, then Joshua can't have one.
If I make a flourless chocolate cake - with butter - then Sophia and Danya can both have that, but not Josh.

My solution: carrot cakes without nuts and without butter (substituting oil and applesauce) for everyone except Danya. And then a flourless chocolate cake for our favorite gluten-free girl!

Now I just need to bake them all.

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