Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Aunt Tiffy's Bûche de Noël for D #TiffBakes

Every year the Enthusiastic Kitchen Elf and I make a Bûche de Noël for his birthday cake. When I found out that my cousin was hosting our big family Christmas celebration on D's birthday, I emailed her: That is D's actual birthday. Any chance you might be able to make him a cake? 

Don't think that's a completely odd request. While she's an engineer, she bakes for fun and, sometimes, as a side job. She readily agreed. I certainly didn't expect her to make him a bûche. But she did...because she's an awesome auntie. 

She made chocolate bark, marzipan pinecones, and meringue mushrooms.

And she even had candles to make it the full birthday experience.

It was so beautiful and so tasty.

And, best of all, he felt so celebrated. It's tough to have a birthday so close to Christmas. I just appreciate when friends and family make the effort to make him feel special. Thanks, Tiffy!

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