Jake's Green Book + Sugar Detox

This designation - 'The Green Book' - has come about because my husband is in his 40s now. That has meant that he's taken an interest in what he's eating. I guess those long mountain bike rides got tougher as he entered this decade. But he's actually reading books about food and experimenting with foods for better health.

He asked for a place on the blog where I would tag and archive his favorite "green" meals. Okay. Done. This will be a link-up for his favorite healthier dishes. As of Summer 2017, we're looking at foods that lower his cholesterol. So, high fiber, less animal products. Stay tuned.

Update December 2017 We have decided to detox from sugar. I shouldn't laugh, but he came out this morning and said, "We have a major problem." Then he proceeded to tell me that his so-called 'fat pants' were tight. I tried not to laugh and used it as an opportunity to get him to give up sugar. Stay tuned as we add some recipes to this list that are low on sugar or have no added sugar.

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  1. Your entire attitude so very uplifting and inspiring. I am a new blogger and appreciate your permission to share your beautiful food. Rest assured you will get the entire credit or for your inspiration on anything I borrow or make myself. Thanks for your bright shiny day.


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