About Me

I've crammed a lot of different things into four decades: florist, waitress, SCUBA divemaster, stock photo agency manager, stroller fitness teacher, writer, editor, and au pair. I lived and worked in Rome for 13 months. That's where I learned to cook, visiting the markets, talking to farmers and fishmongers, and pestering them on how to prepare this and that.

If I had to distill who I am, today, I would say, "I am a tree-hugging, veggie-crunching, jewelry-designing mean mommy who loves to cook but hates to clean." Thankfully my husband, Jake, cleans like a champ.

I freelance - both writing and photographing - for Edible Monterey Bay; I review cookbooks for various publishers, testing out recipes for my willing tasters. So, if I'm not cooking, making jewelry, or out on a hike with my three boys, I'm usually on assignment somewhere, getting to wine and dine with like-minded foodies in our area. Not a bad gig, if you ask me.

Here are two of my boys at a Cuban pop-up dinner...we all love to adventure by tabletop.

My parenting goal: grow conscientious, creative kids with fearless palates!

Thanks for stopping by. 
Enjoy my culinary adventures.

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