Sunday, April 14, 2013

Petite Amuse Box: April 2013

I've been subscribed to Petite Amuse now for eight months. [Click to read my introduction to Petite Amuse last August.] Think artisan-crafted yummies delivered to your mail box each month; there is no downside! I just received my box for April.

This month, we received...

Honey Bar — A bar from Bees and Beans, out of Portland, Oregon, layered with honey caramel, salted hazelnut, and honey nougat dipped in dark chocolate. We loved the rich caramel with notes of honey and a sweet, salty tang.

And, ironically, the package included a jar from Happy Girl Kitchen which is literally down the street from my house. But, I have been eyeing these jars and never purchased them. So, my sample box still did its job and introduced me to a new-to-me product: Happy Girl's Big Sur Marmalade.

Can't wait to see what Petite Amuse sends us next month.

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