Wednesday, April 17, 2013

De-Soil Your Spinach

If you buy pre-bagged spinach, you've probably never taken a bite of your spinach and gotten a mouthful of gritty, grainy soil. Whoever is bagging your spinach is also washing it for you. But if you're getting your greens from a local, organic farm - hooray for supporting the local farmer! - or growing it yoursel, then you will have to de-soil the spinach yourself. It's not difficult. And, I promise, it is worth the effort.

I use the soaking method. Tonight it took three soaks. Don't those bags claim "triple-rinsed"?!  I guess that might be the magic number.

Remove any tough stems, then place the spinach in a large bowl or your sink. Fill the bowl/sink with cool water. Gently agitate the leaves around the bowl with your hands so that any sand and dirt can fall to the bottom. Let soak for at least 5 minutes.

Remove the leaves from the bowl/sink while you refresh the water with clean water. Place the spinach leaves back into the bowl/sink and wash them again. Repeat until the leaves are clear of any sand or dirt.

If you plan to eat the leaves raw, dry them completely.

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