Eat Better, Move More

August 2019 - We've all heard it before because it's a simple formula. You can eat less, move more, or - ideally - you can do those two things in tandem. As I toward fifty (yes! I will be forty-seven next year), I am definitely trying to be better about all of this. However, instead of 'eat less,' because that is exceptionally challenging as a food writer, I am making my mantra: eat better, move more.

My goal is not necessarily weight loss, though that would be a welcome effect. My goal is to be more healthy - to, again, eat better and move more. On the eating better side, I'm bad with diets. So, I will start with actively cutting out processed sugars and being more mindful of snacking.

This page will be a work in progress, but I'll start slow. Really slow. Still one foot in front of the other is still better than sitting on the couch, right?! One thing we've committed to doing as a family: Sunday hikes. And our trail guru is brutal. But, really, when we're spending time together, who cares if it's hard.

Jake and I are going to be more mindful of what we put into our bodies and eat to exercise instead of exercising to eat. Well, it's a journey. Follow along!

Update September 2019: I received my swag for a virtual race: TheGreatPumpkinRun. Now I just need to run a 5K between now and November 11th. Stay tuned!

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