Friday, April 12, 2013

Absinthe Adventure for National Licorice Day

What licorice-flavored libations come to mind? Sambuca, certainly. Ouzo...ooopah! But tonight - for National Licorice Day 2013 - I opted for a St. George Absinthe made from, among other things, star anise and fennel, licorice cousins. Perfect.

Years ago I had planned a La Fée Verte party, envisioning an absinthe tasting with lots of tasty French nibbles, but it was hijacked by my husband's UFO theme and I ended up serving Out of this World Amuse Bouche instead, including Pork Tenderloin with Pistachio Mousse, Linguica Torta, Fennel-Pollen Topped Chocolate Mousse. I shelved my absinthe tasting idea.

Andreas at Restaurant 1833
In fact, I had never tasted absinthe until last Fall when I was assigned an article on Restaurant 1833 for Edible Monterey Bay. [Click to read: Adventuring Back to 1833.]

I went to the restaurant with two friends; we decided that we had to order their Russian-style absinthe tableside preparation. Think fire, absinthe, orange juice, and a straw. It felt very illicit.

Tonight, I opted for a more traditional presentation. Just absinthe and water. If I had a sugar cube, I would have tried that. Forgive me for not having a snifter and an absinthe spoon...or dripping the water slowing. We did more of a slow pour.

We still did achieve that nice louche (French for opaque, shady). The absinthe changed to a lighter, opalescent shade of milky green.

Cheers for National Licorice Day!

The verdict of this adventure: very applicable for National Licorice Day, but a little too herby and medicinal for Jake's tastes. I liked it.

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