Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Crema-Crush Continues

Our good friend Priya took all four of the boys - her two and our two - up to the Maker Faire today. She deserves a medal, by the way! But Jake and I took full advantage of our kid-free day. We started off at one of our favorite coffee-morning eats spots: Crema.

We drank coffee (me, an espresso - he, a latte); we noshed on muffins, breakfast burritos, and an apple crostata with cheddar cheese crust...

You can tell that we didn't like it at all! [wink, wink]

One the main requirements for me to become a regular at eating establishments: they have to make it better than I do. And Crema definitely does that.

I have to figure out how the crumble on their muffins is so crisp, but the muffin part is still moist!

Do you have a favorite breakfast stop? Why is it your favorite!??

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