Friday, May 16, 2014

#FRD2014: What does 'Food Revolution Day' Mean to Me?

I applied to be a Food Revolution Day Ambassador, not because I am a food Nazi (though there are
people that probably feel that way about me) but because I love food. I love it. I love the way to looks, smells, feels, and - most importantly - tastes. Real food tastes amazing.

So, to me, the necessary food revolution needs to be focused on eating real and the next generation.

Here's the deal on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution Day: click here.

Teaching children to cook is one of his biggest aims and it is what Food Revolution Day is all about. Jamie talks about the demise of home-cooking. I love that he is focused on teaching children to cook. That has been a focus of mine for a couple of years now. And my boys do everything from make homemade ketchup,bake panettone, pickle green tomatoes, form Pljeskavica, and roll fresh pasta.

I joined this movement to encourage and inspire people to eat real food, to cook at home, and to make it a family affair. Start small. Start now. Talk about where the food comes from while you cook. If you have the chance to join a CSA, do it. Then visit the farm and make sure your kids know that fruits and vegetables grow in the dirt; they don't just come wrapped in cellophane at the grocery store.

Keep in mind that even though the revolution is about the food, it’s not only about the food. It’s about spending time at the table and in the kitchen with your family.

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  1. Food is a wonderful way to keep your family together and give them beautiful memories. Blessings, Catherine


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