Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tasting Room, Personalized Wine Club

When I had the chance to test out the new(-to-me) Tasting Room, I did. I was intrigued by the 'personalized' wine experience. Click here to read about their WinePrint™ personalization technology. Pretty interesting, right?

Here's what we did and how it worked. First, we received our package...

...which had six 50mL bottles of wine included, two white and four red.

We read the instructions and set up the tasting as directed. These are photos from the red-tasting portion, tasting wines #3-6.


We poured the wines and logged in to the website.

Then we tasted, in order, and logged our preferences. As you can see, Jake didn't care for Wine #4. It wasn't my favorite either. Wine #5 was our second favorite, but Wine #6 was not delicious either.

In the end, Wine #3 was our preferred red.

The verdict: "You love bold, fruit-flavored red wine with significant body - wines exploding with flavor." That is not really news to me.

I do like big reds. But I also like the old-fashioned way of choosing wine. I like wandering into tasting rooms, trying wines, and walking out with bottles of our favorites. Still, the process of "discovering" my wine profile was fun and accurate, I think.

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