Monday, August 25, 2014

Cascade Hops from the Lamberts

I've been thinking about cooking with hops since my beer crawl with The Beer Geeks in April. But I needed to figure out how to get my hands on some. Here's how fast it happened.

Last night my friend Shelby posted several photos on social media, captioning it: The beer is brewing, and the hops are ripe for picking!

So, I asked if I could have 1/2 C. No response.

This morning she asked, "If I have hops for you, what would you make?"

I sent a couple of links of things that interested me - from hops ice cream to hops bernaise over roasted salmon - and Shelby said that her husband agreed to relinquish one of his pouches because she was excited to see what I would make.

So, thanks to the incredible generosity of the Lamberts, I now have some hops. I have to say, it felt a little bit funny being handed a ziploc bag of dried green buds. Let the hops cooking mayhem begin!

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  1. Although the hubs brews, we grow some hops just for fun. I never thought to cook with them. Thanks, Camilla for the inspiration.


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