Thursday, August 28, 2014

New to Us: Pichuberries

When D and I were at Whole Foods this evening getting spices for his school project (click to read about that: here), I came across a container of Pichuberries. Since I had never seen those before, I put it on our shopping cart immediately.

Meet the pichuberry!

What is a pichuberry? It's a Peruvian fruit known as aguaymanto or Inca berry. It looks like a small, golden tomatillo; it's about the size of a large marble. R's assessment: it tastes like a mix between a star fruit and a tomato. He's right.

From my reading...the pichuberry has almost 20 times the vitamin C as an orange and could be known as an anti-diabetic fruit. They reduce sugar levels in the blood and stimulating hormones that secrete insulin in diabetic patients.

We will definitely be buying these again. They were tasty!


  1. This fruit commonly known as gooseberry or physallis.

  2. from Wikipedia:
    ... this fruit is actually not a gooseberry as the name 'Cape gooseberry' may imply.

  3. I bought them at Whole Foods and found them a bit sour. I wonder if there is a ripening process....I have had them once before and they were completely sweet. Any thoughts on how to ripen?


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