Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tiramisù alla Albicocca {Crème de la Crème Menu}

Though I had originally planned to make cremeux for Nonna's birthday dessert, I heard - through the boys - that she wanted Tiramisù. Okay. I learned how to make this in Italy...from a woman who didn't speak English. That has to be authentic, doesn't it?!? The other thing I learned from her: use what you have...don't run out to the store if you already have something that will work. So, last night, I didn't have brandy. I used a mixture of Grand Marnier and Jenn's homemade apricot liqueur. That's definitely not traditional, but I think the flavors worked well!

Layer 1: ladyfingers moistened with an espresso + Grand Marnier and apricot liqueur mixture (with a 2:1 ratio)

Layer 2: zabaglione (4 egg yolks + 4 T organic granulated sugar cooked over a double boiler until frothy) + 4 egg whites beaten until peaks form + 1 T apricot liqueur

Layer 3: 1 tub marscarpone cream + 1/3 C espresso

Layer 4: unsweetened whipped cream + unsweetened cocoa powder

Repeat...until your serving dish is full. Let sit, so flavors can develop, overnight.

To complement the apricot liqueur in the dessert, I served small cordials of the liquid gold. Thanks, Jenn, for this lovely libation. It was perfect for tonight's dinner. Cheers!

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