Friday, October 11, 2013

"Needs more pesto, please."

Just heard a story from my mom that has me both mortified and proud. Bear in mind that my kid loves pesto. I mean absolutely adores pesto. We make it with basil. We make it with dandelion greens. We even make it with kale. He eats it with a spoon straight out of the blender.

Back to my story...

My parents took the boys to a nice Italian restaurant for dinner - their last night in Anaheim - and Dylan (1) asked to talk to the chef and, when the chef came to the table, (2) suggested that dish needed a little bit more pesto. 

Oh, geez. Remind me to talk to the kid about tact.

Thankfully the chef was amused versus offended. He probably has never been critiqued by such a pint-sized customer before. The chef humored him, brought him more pesto, gave him a free dessert, and took 10% off the entire bill as a 'thank you for the suggestion.'

I have created a pesto monster. Do you like pesto? What's your favorite way to eat it?

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