Thursday, October 17, 2013

#140food: Recipes in 132 Characters or Less

Intrigued by this challenge - to write a tweet-sized recipe, including the 8 character hashtag of #140food - I submitted this: #140food Earthy Braised Lamb Shanks. Dredge lamb shanks in flour. Brown in oil. Braise for 3 hours in coffee and beer with shitake mushrooms

Here are a few of my favorites! I'm shocked...I could actually follow some of these. What do you think? Repeatable?!?

my anchovy spread: 8.5oz anchovies in oo,3oz pine nuts,.5oz parm ch.,5oz oo,1/2 lemon's juice,3+ pinches chili flakes; stick blend #140food

Lunch: toss kale in hot bacon fat with dash of chile flakes, pinch Maldon salt between fingers, squeeze lemon juice. shake skillet. #140food

blend bunch coriander/mint, lime juice, garam masala, s&p to taste, stir into greek yogurt for Indian Coriander Chutney Dip #140food

#140food Sardines Saor. Crisp floured fish in hot oil. Sauté onions + w. wine. Layer w. pine nuts & raisins. Let sit 24hrs. Buon appetito!

Fig Tartine: 4 slices thick toast. On each: drizzle of balsamic, 1oz goat cheese, 1 fig sliced, broiled 4 mins, drizzle of honey. #140food

Membrillo: Boil quince till soft. Strain, reserve. Peel, core, weigh. 750g sugar/kilo of flesh + reserved water. Boil till burgundy #140food

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  1. I guess you've got to be pretty clever, huh? I don't know if 140 characters can do a recipe justice though :) Thank you so much for coming by to link up on #KeepCalmandIgnoreMartha. #ImNoExpert but I think your blog is pretty awesome! :)
    Ang Paris - Juggling Act Mama


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