Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Secret Menu: In'N'Out

I have to admit: while we're adventurous eaters, when it comes to our In'N'Out orders, we're not very imaginative...nor, apparently, very hip to their Secret Menu.

We don't eat at fast food joints very often, but In'N'Out is a road-trip staple as far as I'm concerned.

Back to our rut...Jake's order is almost always a No.2 with no onions and a Coke; I usually order the No. 2 protein-style with no onions and a Diet Coke; Riley likes his No. 2 plain and varies between a vanilla milkshake and a chocolate one; and Dylan likes his No. 2 with lettuce and tomato only and chooses the strawberry milkshake. The only reason I even know about 'protein-style' was that I saw a friend order one when we were on our way back from hiking at the Pinnacles.

But I just saw a friend post that she was at In'N'Out and was ordering - and I quote - "Chilies, Flying Dutchman and Root Beer Float." Huh?!? So, I took to the internet and looked all that up. While the Flying Dutchman doesn't appeal to me (that's way too much meat and nothing else), the Root Beer Float was a revelation. My boys would love a root beer float with their No. 2s. And, then, I delved more into the Secret Menu and found that you could get grilled onions (I don't like raw onions very much), get your patty painted with mustard then grilled (Dylan is a mustard fiend), and a Choco-Vanilla Swirl shake (Riley could get both vanilla and chocolate together).

I think I love In'N'Out a little more right now. When's our next road trip so I can try out these newly discovered gems?!?


  1. Yay, I love In'N'Out! My favorite secret menu item is the Neapolitan shake (all 3 flavors together) -- so good!

  2. Husband gets a 4x4 animal style almost every time we go. (4 patties, 4 cheese, grilled onions, with melted extra cheese) its nasty, and gooey, but he loves it. You can animal style your fries too (grilled onions and melted cheese). I have heard a rumor that you can order any combo of patties and cheese up to 10. Crazy.

  3. I love whole slices of grilled onions rather than diced grilled onions on my burger and I sometimes ask for chopped chilli peppers pressed into the patty. It’s all from the in n out secret menu.


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