Friday, August 16, 2013

Mad Knife Skillz + Pickled Jalapenos {Happy Girl Kitchen}

Tonight, Dylan, who I have now re-dubbed 'Enthusiastic Kitchen Elf' instead of Kitchen Elf 2, and I were finally able to attend a Community Night at Happy Girl Kitchen.

They open up their kitchen, put you to work on whatever they need done (tonight we helped make pickled jalapenos), ply you with kombucha on tap or hot tea, and send you out the door with some delicious eats (think tomato-barley soup and bread with butter and gruyere).

The kid has some mad knife skillz now!

Here's what Dylan had to say about the experience:
"Today I did pickling jalapenos at Happy Girl Kitchen. I learned that what makes jalapenos spicy are actually the seeds, not the pepper. Today I cut jalapenos, stuffed them in a jar, and poured brine over them. I also learned how to cut a different way - instead of moving your hand with the knife, you move the thing that you're cutting. And when you cut, you need to cut small slices so that they fit better in the jar. You should try to cut the slices to 1/4 of an inch."

What a fun night; it was the perfect date night with my lil' Dyn! We'll head back and pick up a jar of pickled jalapenos when they're ready for sale. And we are definitely going to make this a once a month tradition...maybe I'll be able to lure Jake and Riley (Reluctant Kitchen Elf) into joining us next time. Anyone else local want to come with us?!?

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  1. I would love to join you and the elf. This looks like a great time (with good eats and drinks)!


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