Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dragon Tongue Shelling Beans

Besides having the coolest name ever, these Dragon Tongue shelling beans are a seasonal treat! Whenever they appear in our CSA box, or at the farmers' markets, we relish their nutty freshness in a dish or two.

This week, Kitchen Elf 2 helped me shell the ones we got from Fogline Farm. He even separated them by coloration. So pretty!

Dragon Tongue shelling beans are photogenic string beans, tinted with patterns of cream and crimson. These are one of the varieties that are normally grown for drying but can be cooked fresh. They have a sweet, subtle flavor that lies somewhere between the earthy complexity of dried beans and the green, grassy taste of fresh ones. Don't miss out. You still have a week or two to find them.


  1. Hi ---- Reading your blog I found the Dragon Tongue Beans - do they sell them (FogLine Farms or otherwise) at most local Farmer's Markets? My grandson, who like your children, seems to have a very sophisticated palate and thought he'd get a kick out of something that had these beans in it! Thanks so much and love your blog! MMR

    1. Hi, Margaret! You should be able to find them at farmers' markets this week. I didn't get a chance to swing into the one at Del Monte today, but definitely check the Alvarado market this week, if you can. Good luck!


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