Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lunchbox Recipes {Round-Up}

I asked - here's the call for recipes - and you answered! Thanks for all the great lunchbox-filling suggestions. I will definitely be adding these to my rotation this school year. I already bought the egg molds!

Thanks for the ideas!
Rebekah from Making Miracles
Sawsan from Chef In Disguise


  1. I have the car and the fish molds. Gabe loves his hard boiled eggs, and the shapes make it so much fun! If you ever want to borrow a different shape let me know!

    1. I bought the heart-star, bunny-bear, car-fish, and one more set. They love them! Did my first batch last night. I think my eggs were too small for a few of the molds. I guess I need the jumbo eggs, not my lil' free-range ones.

  2. Thank you for adding us and our hard boiled eggs. They are so fun. I'm so glad you tried them!


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