Monday, August 6, 2012

Cooking Around the World: France

We wrapped the 'F' countries in the greater part of a weekend - Fiji, Finland, and finally France. Progress!

Jake and I killed a bottle of sparkling wine. You can't call it 'champagne' unless it actually from the Champagne region of France. I actually had prosecco - from Italy. Close enough. It felt very celebratory. Salut!

We started off the meal with a platter of bread, triple creme brie, and fresh blueberries.

Then we had French Onion Soup.

And finished up with a Pink Lady Apple Tart. Traditionally, this French apple tart is made with apricot jam. I used some of the plum-vanilla bean jam I made with the Mobley's plums. Delish.

We launch into the 'G's with some tabletop travel to Gabon.

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