Friday, August 10, 2012

And, that's a Wrap...

We have wrapped the first week of school. Well, truth be told, it was more like the first two and a half days of school since Wednesday was only a half day. I love being able to ease back into the routine before a full five days of a stricter routine and earlier bedtime. And I especially like that I only had to pack three school lunches this week.

For the first two and a half days, I am happy to report: we have had no drama, no major objections, and - my personal favorite - no tears due to classmate teasing!

The winning recipe of the week: wraps. Though I have a question about that. What makes a wrap a wrap? My friends, and my husband, claim that a wrap is open on one, or both, sides. So, when I am carefully tucking in the ends of the flatbread or tortilla, it has now tranformed into a burrito. Really?!? I think that a burrito relies on the ingredients, not the shape. What do you think?

Regardless, successful lunches have included the following...all wrapped into a tight tortilla roll:

Ham + "Dull" Cheddar (because clearly the opposite of "Sharp" Cheddar is...?!?) + Lettuce + Radish

Chicken Salad (made with leftover Gabonian Mustard Chicken) + Red Grapes + Lettuce

Ham + Brie + Lettuce

Other triumphs - Riley decided that he likes whole almonds this year and lettuce. He actually told me to put more lettuce in the wraps.

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