Friday, August 3, 2012

Cooking Around the World: Ethiopia

Tonight we wrapped up the 'E' countries in our culinary global adventure with an Ethiopian dinner. I had thought, a la Harry from When Harry Met Sally, to put empty plates in front of the boys and be done with it...while discussing famine, of course.

Instead, I did  make injera, iab, and vegetable wat. And we ran out the door to go get school supplies. So, talk about famine will have to wait.

Injera is an Ethiopian flat bread that is more like a spongy crêpe versus hefty naan.
Click here for the recipe.

Our main dish was an aromatic vegetable stew called wat and we topped it with a creamy iab.
Click on the names for the recipes.

This Global Table Ambassador is signing off for now and preparing to launch into researching Fijian recipes! Coconuts, cassava, and more. Here we come.

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