Saturday, February 11, 2012

Belgium: Cooking Around the World with Camilla (CATWWC)

I guess I should have said that the Belarusian dinner was actually last night.

Dylan was my kitchen elf tonight for our Cooking Around the World adventure, transporting us to Belgium with a dinner that made everyone moan and, literally, slurp the broth from the plates. Couth we were not, but full and happy, yes!

En laat het smaken.

Almost every collection of Belgian recipes had a version of moules et frites (mussels and fries). But I had just made French fries for our Bangladeshi breakfast. So we made moules et pommes a la liegeoise instead.

Moules were amazing! A-mah-zing. Everyone asked for second helpings even though mussels are not a family favorite.

And instead of the traditional frites (French fries) usually served with the mussels, I opted to make Pommes a la Liegeoise. These were the perfect companion to the mussels.

We ended the meal with some Belgian-beer battered apple rings. 1 beer + 2 C white whole wheat flour + peeled and cored apple rings = dessert.


This Knight of the Global Table Adventure is signing out for now. We're off to Belize next.

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