Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bahamian Guava Mousse

You had me at 'guava.' There are several versions that vary in preparation, some use guava paste, some use guava pulp; I found one that used guava juice. That was perfect for late on a Sunday evening.

2 T water
1 C organic whipped cream, whipped * (We whipped it, but looking at instructions again, the recipe didn't say that. Whoops.)
1 C guava nectar or juice
1 packet of gelatin (I had gotten some agar to experiment with a vegetarian option, but used the last packet of gelatin because I knew how it acted. I didn't want to "ruin" Dylan's dessert)

Dissolve gelatin in water and add to guava nectar. Heat slowly to melt gelatin. Cool slightly before adding the whipped cream. Spoon into individual glasses. Chill to serve.

It took about 2 hours for ours to set completely. The texure was light and the flavor surprisingly strong for so little guava.

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