Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No Power Does Not Mean No Coffee

We just got back from a week in the snow. The moms and the kids went up at the beginning of the week; the dads joined us mid-week. What an adventure it was!

When we arrived at the mountain resort we discovered that they had just evacuated the other guests and there was no power. There hadn't been power for three days. And we were strenuously urged to reconsider checking in.  But stubborn, granola mammas that we are, we decided to load up on firewood, hang out till the power was restored, and call it 'ice camping' in the meantime. I mean, really, how tough could it be?!?

We kept our perishables in buckets filled with snow. We subsisted on sandwiches, fruits, and nuts.

The only thing that had to be hot: morning coffee. It took some doing, but we did it. We robbed the coffee filter from their electric coffee maker, heated the water on top of the wood-burning stove, and poured the moderately hot water over espresso grounds. Success. And two happy moms.

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