Saturday, March 19, 2011

Five Dollars Per Word

When Jake and I were tasting wine at Paraiso Vineyard, Dave Fleming, one of the winemakers, gave us a good exercise for determining how much you should pay for a bottle of wine.  He told us: think of all the words you can to describe the wine, then multiply that number of words times five dollars per word.  I joked that that meant if I have a bigger vocabulary than another person I would have to pay more for the same bottle of wine!

I thought that would make some fun mandatory fun for Jenn's birthday dinner when I was uncorking that lovely bottle of Paraiso's 2007 Faîte Pinot Noir. 

Having paid $70, I tasked everyone with coming up with 14 words.  Then we crossed off any repeated words and came up with - drumroll please! - 56 distinct description of the wine.  So, 56 x $5 = $280...we got a steal of deal...and a great bottle of wine. 

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