Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Some Kale-rrific Dishes for National Kale Day #kaleday2015

Are you celebrating National Kale Day? While I normally don't celebrate food holidays - think National Cream Puff Day on January 2nd or National Taffy Day on May 23rd or National Cake Day on November 26th - I actually really love National Kale Day.

Unfortunately, Jake and I are not eating at home tonight. I have an assignment at a soon-to-open restaurant. And we didn't eat at home last night either because we went on a date. I's a tough life.

That meant that I had to get my kale-rrific dishes made, photographed, and posted early. I also had a main dish planned, but didn't get around to making it. So, I'll share that on another day. Think kale pesto wrapped in a thin roll of beef and braised in tomato sauce for four hours. Yep. My mouth is watering just thinking about that.

For now, I offer you a cocktail, a salad, and a sweet. Yes, I made a cake with kale. Click on the title of the dish to go to the original recipe post.

Are you celebrating National Kale Day?
What's on your table?

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