Friday, October 9, 2015

First Attempt at Macarons = Flop

'Failure is always an option.' That's one of my favorite Mythbusters' sayings. And it's applied daily in my life. I won't post a recipe until I tweak it and get it right...but I wanted to share my first attempt at macarons. Flop. Floppity flop flop flop.

I don't have a macaron silpat, so I improvised with some parchment, a cylinder, and a Sharpie. Don't worry - I did flip the parchment over so that the toxic ink didn't touch my batter.

The batter seemed good. It stayed in its little circle. It dried to the touch within an hour.

But the macarons didn't rise. They were flat and unattractive. They certainly didn't have that tell-tale foot like all good macarons should have.

But I filled them anyway and had Jake try them. "Taste is right on," he reported. "And I like the texture."

"When are you going to try again?" he asked eagerly. Soon.

Are any of my readers or friends macaron masters? I would love some tips or trade secrets. While I do celebrate my flops, as a motivator, reducing the number of flops I have before I create something edible and pretty would be welcome!

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