Monday, October 19, 2015

Mushroom Coffee and Hot Cacao

"Mushroom Coffee." Those two words were just weird enough to get me to click on them in my facebook feed. Yep. Not only did I click, but I ordered a box...along with a box of the mushroom hot cacao drink. Check out Four Sigma Foods for more information.

Tasting Thoughts: While I love the idea behind this - half the caffeine without sacrificing the coffee flavor and less acidity than regular coffee - I really didn't love the product. Maybe I'm just not an instant coffee kinda gal. I did, for kicks, add some mushroom powder to my regular coffee as I brewed it. I couldn't really discern any difference in flavor or any difference in the coffee's affect. So, this is a non-starter for me.

Tasting Thoughts: I enjoyed that this was a dark and spicy shot of thick hot chocolate; it's more like an espresso-sized drink versus a mug-sized drink. But, like the coffee, I didn't really taste anything different about this than any other thick, spicy hot chocolate that I would make.

So, my conclusion on this culinary adventure - Neat idea. Not worth the money.

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