Monday, October 27, 2014

Where Food and Books Collide: PiBoIdMo 2014

I know that I write about food all the time. This is a kitchen blog, after all. But what I don't do is think about writing books about food, specifically books for kids.

But, nudged by a good friend, and thinking that it's a good exercise along the Food Revolution Day lines, I took the pledge and registered for PiBoIdMo 2014. That's Picture Book Idea Month.

So, for the 30 days of November I'll be brainstorming ideas for how to talk to kids about eating their fruits and veggies...why it's important. You can follow those forays at The Maker Manns, if you like.

And, if anything comes of my picture book for kids - about eating a rainbow or whatever direction I go - I'll shout it from the mountain tops.

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