Friday, July 11, 2014

Community Night @ Happy Girl: Making Plum Jam

Every now and then, Happy Girl Kitchen opens up their doors after-hours for a Community Night where you go, lend a helping hand, and earn a delicious dinner.

They had crates upon crates upon crates of delicious carmine plums from Thomas Farm in Aptos. So, we met up with friends to help HGK make their delicious plum jam. You know it's a great night when your face hurts from smiling so much...and you're covered in plum juice.
I'm not going to divulge the measurements because the recipe is TOP SECRET. See!

But I will tell you what we did. STEP ONE: Pit the plums. No gadget. No knife. Just clean hands!


Here's one full tub...

STEP TWO: Weigh the plums.

STEP THREE: Add in the sugar.

STEP FOUR: Pour in lemon juice, then mash everything together.

At that point, the kids were tired and hungry. So we stopped and feasted on rice, lentils with summer squash, kale with quinoa and cheese, and bread with butter. So delicious. Thanks, Zak, for leading the charge. And thanks, too, for the jars of jam. We'll be slathering our morning toast with delicious Happy Girl apricot jam and gorgeous quince jelly. Only one question: when's the next community night?! We'll be there.

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