Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Fair Fare: Lobster Corn Dogs & Fried Gator

I avoid the fair like the plague. I can't remember the last time that I've been to a county or state fair; I definitely haven't been in at least a decade.

I don't care for rides. Or crowds. Or what they consider food. Funnel cake? Corn dogs?! Blech. I know, I'm awfully curmudgeon-y, aren't I?

But when Jake's cousin suggested a trip to the fair while we were passing through his town, he added, "they have really good - and interesting food."

He knows how to push my buttons. My curiosity was piqued. Even Jake, who probably despises fairs more than I, agreed. We slathered on the sunblock and off we went to the Sonoma County Fair.

And I will admit: I ate a corn dog...and I liked it. It was a lobster corn dog. I also ate fried gator, crawfish étouffée (in honor of our failed crawdad hunt the week before), and some truly succulent ceviche.

I am still not a fair-person per se, but Obe was right: the food was really good - and interesting. It was an adventure.

Do you go to your county or state fair? What do you like to eat there?

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