Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hahn Vineyards by ATV

I had a Living Social coupon for an ATV tour of Hahn Vineyards for awhile. It just never fit into our schedule...until this weekend. My parents said that they wanted to take the boys to the Salinas Airshow. As soon as I heard that, I hopped on the phone and booked the tour. So glad we did.

 Colleen was our driver and vineyard guide. We stopped at various locations throughout the property, looked at different vines, and enjoyed the day. At one point, rain began to dump from the clouds. Colleen quickly steered us beneath the canopy of a tree, near the avocados, and we waited out the rain. Thankfully it only lasted a few minutes. Afterwards the skies were dramatic and gorgeous. The sun came out and warmed us quickly.

Oh, this picture [see right] is me holding on to the O.S. bar. I think I held onto that darn thing the entire ride. The ATV tour was quite an adventure!

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