Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pesce Arrosto {Lucky Eats = Whole Fish}

Apparently the Chinese word for “fish” resembles the word for “abundance.” That could account for one of the many reasons that fish has become a good luck food. In Good Luck Life, Rosemary Gong's book about Chinese celebrations, she writes that it’s important for fish be served with the head and tail intact to ensure a good year, from start to finish.

Good thing we ordered pesce arrosto last night at our capodanno dinner at La Balena. Chef Brad Briske roasted whole petrale sole with chile, blood orange, and fennel and topped with Manila clams and radishes.

Once again, Chef Brad knocked off my culinary socks. And, like everything else we've ever ordered there, nothing was left on the plate except the inedible parts!

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