Thursday, May 24, 2012


Rugbrød is a Danish bread made with rye flour and whole rye grains. When one of my best friends sent me a care package from Denmark during the holidays, she included a ready-to-bake kit for Rugbrød. And I've been meaning to make it, but didn't feel like typing all of this [see below] into Google see how to do it.

So I tucked the box into my purse and brought it to arts night at the school for one of my other best friends, another Dane, to translate the instructions for me. It seemed pretty simple: add four and a half deciliters of water to the package. Shake for a minute. Let rise for 50 minutes. Bake in a 190 degree (centigrade) oven for one hour. So, I did the math and made that 2 C of lukewarm water and baked it in a 375 degree oven. And, lookie here! It's just like the package.

We're having this for breakfast this morning with some homemade preserves. I don't normally bake out of packages, so this was an adventure. Mange tak, Rikke, for the bread and to Ulla for the translation! Now I just need to get a real recipe for Rugbrød.

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