Thursday, May 3, 2012

Honored as a 'Choke Artist

Monterey County Weekly May 3, 2012 edition 
Hot off the this week's Monterey County Weekly's "'Choke Artists: Wildly creative home artichoke recipes – from chips to cakes – and a peek at the passion behind them." And, guess what? I'm one of them. So proud!

Food editor, Mark Anderson reports:

Mom-blogger-office manager-and-seasonal-home-chef Camilla Mann found her pleasant obsession when she toured farms with her husband after his artwork gave the Castroville Artichoke Festival – which arrives May 19-20 – its flagship poster for 2010. 

“I just love that it’s an edible flower,” she says. But no delicate little nasturtium here, she adds. “It’s so meaty, with such great texture.”

Having learned to cook in Italy, she lent the artichokes to a mouthwatering white lasagna, then took the inspiration to everything from cardoon pies to savory cakes like her mini chocolate-artichoke bundts with silky chocolate sauce.

“It’s similar to zucchini or carrot cake,” she says. “I like that it was surprising, how moist it was, and how it combined with chocolate. It wasn’t sweet and sour, it was sweet and savory.”

And three of the four recipes are mine, including my salmon-artichoke cakes. Check out the Artichoke Fetishes and Insane Recipes...

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