Thursday, May 3, 2012

Meeting the Queen of Quince

Months ago, when I saw an event hosted at Holman Ranch titled "The Queen of Quince"...on my birthday...I roped in three of my best friends and booked us four spots immediately. Tonight was the night. What a treat!

Barbara Ghazarian talked about Armenian cooking and showed us three dishes. Quince isn't in season; the only quince we tried was this quince leather which she makes as a by-product of poaching quince. One great thing: we were all inspired to host a joint birthday party for all our November birthday babes featuring the fabulous, rosy quince.

We tried our hands at rolling Yalanchi Sarma, stuffed grapped leaves. Recipes to come.

We feasted on various mezze, including pickled cauliflower, black olive dip, spiced feta, and more. And we sipped on different varietals from Holman Ranch Vineyard, including a chardonnay and a pinot noir. Cheers.

And we picked up signed and personalized copies of her cookbooks.

"Happy quincing." Yes...I use it as a verb, too, and look forward to quincing for some friends' birthdays as soon as the quince come into season.

What a great way to ring in my 39th year. Happy birthday to me! 

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  1. I just bought her cook book, "Simply Armenian" really healthy recipes and meals. Looking forward to making some of her quince recipes!


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