Saturday, January 14, 2012

'Stache Bash for Brian

Instead of cooking a feast with an ingredient that Brian claims to despise, I opted to use this birthday party as a way to challenge myself culinarily. I replicated dishes from restaurants I would not normally frequent. In fact, these are restaurants I wouldn't be caught in with a disguise...hence the mustaches.

Here's the menu...

Ruffles with R-r-r-r-ridges & Frito Lay French Onion Dip
Claimjumper's Coca-Cola Ribs with
Hard Rock Cafe's Watermelon Barbeque Sauce
Outback Steakhouse's Mac a Roo 'n' Cheese
Mars, Inc.'s Snickers Bars
Fountain Drinks
TGIFriday's Mudslides

Recipes to follow.

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