Monday, January 23, 2012

Andorran Congols (Snails)

This recipe was my inspiration, apparently snails are quite common on Andorran and Catalan-region tables. Thank goodness I had just gotten escargots in my Christmas stocking!

I cooked the snails - without their shells - in butter, minced garlic, and a squeeze of lemon.

In the meantime I dropped the shells in boiling water and boiled them for 10 minutes to sterilize them. Drain, cool, and stuff the snail meat back into the shells. Set aside.

In a large flat-bottom pan, I sauteed diced fennel, fresh rosemary, and diced pancetta until the pancetta begins to brown and the fennel is softened. Add coins of cooked sausage (I used a basil chicken sausage); quartered, cooked artichoke hearts; sliced green beans; 1/2 C tomato sauce; 2 C water; 1 C rice (I used a brown basmati rice, but the photos of this dish appears to use more of an arborio rice); and cooking liquid from the snails. Season with freshly ground sea salt and flower pepper.

Gently tuck the stuffed snails into the pan. Bring the mixture to a boil, cover, and reduce heat to a simmer. Cook till the rice is softened and the liquid completely absorbed.
"Mommy, do I really have to eat this?"
Yes. You have to at least eat one.

He did. Proud, proud mommy moment.

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