Friday, January 13, 2012

Chip Tutorial via Texts

Okay, so this might not seem very adventurous to some, but for me, this is a stretch. A real stretch. And, to be honest, I still can't bring myself to carry either of these bags up to the cash register at the grocery store. So, I did the chicken-thing and asked a friend to bring a bag. She agreed. Phew.

I just learned...that these are not the same. Silly, I know.


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Here's how I got schooled, via text message, about Ruffles and their r-r-r-ridges.

When Pia asked what she could bring to the birthday lunch, I texted, "Can you bring a big bag of Lay's chips with ridges?" I can still hear her laughter echoing in my ears; it penetrated the floor from her apartment to my office. Yes, it was that loud.

When she finally composed herself, she texted back, "That would be Ruffles with ridges. Lay's don't have ridges. LOL."

I wrote back, "What-ever. Fine. Just bring a bag. I can picture you laughing at me."

"No, 'with you' not really. Yes, 'at' you'," she admitted. "You crack me up. And, yes, I will bring it."

Great. Thanks.

Check back for the dip I'll be serving with these chips. The bag on the right, not the left. ;)

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  1. As a kid, I always got 'Fritos' and 'Cheetos' mixed up, so you have my sympathy :D


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