Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spicy Langostino Cocktail in a Cucumber Cup

This is simultaneously spicy and refreshing - all in one bite.  Perfect for an amuse-bouche menu. 

Langostino is a crustacean, like a shrimp or a lobster, but is actually neither.  Even more confusing, the word langostino refers to different animals in different parts of the world.  Here in the US, it usually refers to the squat lobster while in Spain it is a species of prawn; in Cuba, it refers to a crayfish and in South America it's a kind of red prawn.  In any case, I picked up a bag of peeled, cooked langostino at Trader Joe's.

I minced the meat, added some mayonaise, a dash of Worcestershire Sauce, a dash of spicy chili sauce, a squeeze of lemon juice, and some pink Himalaya salt.  Then I cut an English cucumber into thick slices and scooped out a hollow with a melon baller.  Place the langostino cocktail in to the hollow and serve.


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