Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The BEET Goes On...

With my amuse-bouche dinner behind me, I am looking forward to my next big culinary adventure: I'm hosting a birthday dinner for a friend in March, and it is all about beets. 'The Beet Goes On' as we march steadily to the big 4-0; we have a couple more years to go, but just a couple.

Bright magenta beets, comically-stripped chioggia beets, golden beets. You name it, I'm going to cook it.  I even found a recipe for a Beet-Nyk, a beet-infused martini.

I know the dessert will be some configuration of chocolate and beet. I might make a chocolate-beet cake, but I might mix it up and do a chocolate-beet mousse. I might make beet-asiago gnocchi. Who knows? I have a month to concoct some tasty treats.

Just giving you fair warning...get ready for beet-mania.  And for those who claim "I DON'T eat beets," give some of my recipes a try, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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